200 EUR Gutschein beim Kauf eines Sofas
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200 EUR Gutschein beim Kauf eines Sofas
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Price increase on August 1st

And so it goes on...

We receive your order

As soon as we receive your order, we do a happy dance. Then we get started and prepare the delivery.

A delivery date is agreed

If you order a sofa, we will contact you as soon as your sofa has been received by our shipping company to arrange a delivery date.

We will deliver your

We deliver your order to your living room on time. If you order a sofa, we will assemble it for you straight away.

We plant two

Now you can relax and we will plant two trees for your order as promised.

Any questions?

Of course! You can take a look at our sofas and try them out at your leisure in one of our many showrooms. Find a showroom near you here.

You can easily have a fabric sample of your favorite colors and fabrics sent to your home. Click here for your fabric sample.

There is a link "To the specifications" on the product page of each sofa. There you will find the dimensions and further details about your sofa.

Our Velcro fasteners are bombproof! The elements are joined together on the underside with the robust Velcro strips. The Velcro fasteners can be removed again in one easy step if the sofa needs to be repositioned. Then simply "stick them back on" and you're done!

Don't have a question? Just give us a call

Do you still have questions? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.

+49 211 869 43715
We are happy to advise you

No time for a phone call? No problem! Write to us with your request.