Cuddly blanket

Our cuddly ceilings are lovingly produced in Cologne. Here the cuddly ceilings are also packed directly and plastic -free in recycled boxes, climate -neutral to customers all over the world. The cuddly ceilings are produced on order. So everything, but no mass goods. Individualized individuals in the favorite colors of our customers. Suitable for living and bedrooms.

Cuddly blanket from Livom

With our cuddly ceilings you can decoratively refresh your living space and give your sofa color and liveliness! With her you can easily create your own oasis of wellbeing. Put the blanket over your sofa or bed and you have already created your personal cuddly corner.

Do you need a cuddly partner?

Cum in and enjoy - you can use our cuddly ceiling Zoe. The ceilings are made of high -quality materials and therefore a real whopping. Whether in bed, on the sofa, in the garden or outside during camping - with the cuddly ceiling from Livom you can enjoy a feeling of comfort and warmth everywhere.