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Team Livom
About us

At Livom we want to offer you unique and high quality furniture that does not add to the burden on our planet.

Who we are

Sustainable furniture is our passion - we want to counteract today's throwaway society

Livom history

A digital agency was looking for a "small" project, which quickly turned into a huge project with a clear mission.

Sustainability - How?

Modularity, FSC, Plant trees, Increase durability, Solar energy, Local production, OEKO-TEX Certified

A strong team



Tamara is the managing director of Livom and our organizational talent. Also the whole accounting is in her hands. If there is a fire somewhere, Tamara always has a calm head and finds a solution.

Personal: Chocolate, Suits, Coffee, Mojito/Gin, Morning Person, Organizational Talent


Expansion & Strategy

Tim is responsible for expansion, strategy development, showrooms and analytics at Livom. Additionally, he drives social projects and sustainable issues.

Personal: 3 children, globetrotter, cappuccino, table tennis, slides and swings, young Berliner, always a snappy saying on his lips.


Logistics & Distribution

Roman is the right hand of Tamara and supports where support is needed. He is also responsible for the expansion of the Livom assortment and the whole logistics.

Personal: Water lover, Beer lover, Big mouth, Ping-Pong Challenger, Curious


Marketing & IT

Sandro is responsible for everything technical as well as marketing.

Personal: Ready for action 24/7, Shisha lover, likes to drink too much, Elon Musk fan, active at night.


Showroom Zurich

Bo is responsible for the showroom in Zurich. She will show you what all is possible with our great furniture. "Sustainability is not a trend, it's a challenge and a necessity for us and the planet we live on." - Bo

Personal: travel, food, interiors & visual merchandising, work-life balanc


Customer Support

Ilenia is the contact person for our customers. She is also responsible for advising our visitors in the Amriswil showroom.

Personal: cooking, baking, reading and piano


Customer support

Alice is our contact person for all customers and knows the Livom products very well. She also advises all visitors in the showroom Amriswil.

Personal: Travel, Sports, Reading & Going Out


Management Assistant

Ronja supports our management in all areas as well as projects and is deployed where help is needed. Additionally she supports the social media department.

Personality: City trips, traveling, sports, gin lover


Showroom Cologne

Evelyn is responsible for consulting in the showroom in Cologne. She advises customers in the showroom with a lot of verve and skillful interior design flair.

Personal: loves concerts, analog photography, art, traveling. Would love to do everything with the hula hoop.


Showroom Cologne

Lea can be found in our showroom Cologne. She shows the placement options of Jenny, Jessica, Donna, Mike and Katrina for small and large living areas.

Personal: Visual artist with a preference for Muay Thai and Salsa



Showroom Paris

Hawa is responsible for our customers in the showroom in
Paris and will show you all possible variations of our comfortable sofas.

Personal: I love to discover new places, enjoy artistic expression and free spirits among people. Don't forget to take me with you if you plan to travel the world!


Milan showroom

Margherita, a sport diver born in Milan. She enjoys traveling, hiking in the mountains and drinking Negroni Sbagliato. She loves her two dogs and enjoys taking care of her houseplants.

Personal: ironic shooter, creative mind, lover of good food.

Our philosophy

Customer First

The most important thing about Livom is our customers. That's why: Always Customer First!

Think and act Long-Term

We want to build something sustainable and try to find a sustainable solution wherever possible.


We are going digital. Paper, printer and fax are a thing of the past.

Fresh Fruits

Health is important - in our office we always have fresh fruit from a regional supplier.


With Livom, we want to encourage other founders to do something sustainable as well.
something sustainable. This way we can fight together against consumption.

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