Sustainability at Livom.

We offer unique and high quality furniture that relieves the burden on our planet

Sustainable furniture is our passion - we want to counteract today's throwaway society

Tamara Haag, founder of Livom
Sustainable materials

"We only work with sustainable materials in furniture production."

All of our sofas are made with FSC certified sustainable wood. Likewise, all of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 tests and certifies a wide variety of textiles, from raw materials to the final product. Therefore, you can be sure that no banned substances (carcinogenic dyes) or other unhealthy materials are used.

1 sofa = 2 new trees

For every order placed with Livom, two new trees are planted by the organization OneTreePlanted and they are planted where they are needed at the moment.

Thanks to your orders, we can support environmental projects in the Amazon, Asia, North America or Europe. Through your order you become a tree sponsor and actively contribute to climate protection. We are very happy that we can currently support an important environmental project in northern Spain with your tree donations.

Modular & Durable

Unfortunately, nowadays many sofas are simply thrown away, for example if the cat has not found the scratching post, or the sofa simply does not fit into the apartment.

This is exactly why we rely on modular sofas. Because whether stains or scratches, everything can be replaced individually and can also be extended as desired.

You no longer like the color? With us you just buy a new cover (which is washable and changeable) and you already have a "new" sofa!

What is more sustainable than when you can use a piece of furniture for many years?

Handmade sofas to order

Each of our modular sofas is made by hand in Europe with the utmost care. We completely renounce mass-produced goods from Asia, because we do not want to belong to the throwaway society.

Sustainable products are of little use to the environment if endless transport routes have to be covered for them. For us, a sustainable sofa therefore also means that the logistics are cleverly and sustainably planned.

By the way, the same also applies to delivery: so that we don't have to drive across the country every day, we plan the routes for delivery as environmentally friendly and expeditious as possible.

Sofa production with solar energy

Did you know that many of our sofas are made by solar energy?

Our largest sofa manufacturer has been relying completely on renewable energy sources for three years now. The decisive advantage of this: The energy source is inexhaustible and therefore environmentally friendly.

Our philosophy

Customer First

The most important thing about Livom is our customers. That's why: Always Customer First!

Think and act Long-Term

We want to build something sustainable and try to find a sustainable solution wherever possible.


We are going digital. Paper, printer and fax are a thing of the past.

Fresh Fruits

Health is important - in our office we always have fresh fruit from a regional supplier.


With Livom, we want to encourage other founders to do something sustainable as well.
something sustainable. This way we can fight together against consumption.

Free shipping & assembly

We deliver and assemble your sofa free of charge at your home

Sustainable production

Sustainable materials, significantly longer life & short transport distances

Washable & changeable covers

You can wash or replace the sofa cover at any time