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General Information

Livom was founded in October 2020 by Tamara & Sandro. What started as a small startup quickly grew into an international startup specializing in modular sofas.

Our sofas are produced in Europe by our manufacturers who specialize in sofas.

The sofas are sustainable for many reasons. Since they are modular, you can use them completely flexible. The sofas can be enlarged or reduced as desired. If individual elements break, you can simply replace them without having to replace the whole sofa. The covers are removable and washable. So you can replace individual covers, if necessary, or you can cover the entire sofa in a new color, buying only the fabric covers for the whole sofa.

Also for the environment something good is done. The sofa is not manufactured until it is ordered. In other words, there is no mass production and the production of most sofas takes place with solar energy. Also our sofas are Made in Europe, so we can keep the transport distances short. In addition, two trees are planted per order with the help of the organization OneTreePlanted.

We only use FSC certified wood and our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 tested. Therefore you can be sure that no banned substances (carcinogenic dyes) or other unhealthy materials are used.

Depending on the usage, the lifespan is between 7-15 years. But since all the elements can be replaced again and again, it will accompany you for a lifetime. 😉

Care & use instructions

It depends on what kind of stain it is. For small stains, you can easily get the stain out with a damp cloth, some dishwashing detergent and circular motions. Otherwise, just put the single cover with the stain off in the washing machine and put it back on freshly washed.

We recommend washing the covers at 30 degrees on the gentle cycle.

All fabrics are suitable for pets. The hair can be easily removed with a lint roller or a damp cloth. In addition, the fabrics are so tightly woven that cat claws cannot easily claw out the inside. And should one or the other place believe it, you can simply replace the one single cover and the sofa is like new again. In addition, all fabrics are super practical, because you can simply wash them when the sweet pelt noses make stains on it.

The elements are quite simply connected with Velcro fasteners. These hold together perfectly, even jumping around children do not let the elements slide apart. 😉

1. remove covers from the sofa (and possibly sort them by color).
2. fold down Velcro strips so that they do not get stuck somewhere.
3. turn the cover inwards
4. place cover in drum
5. add detergent
6. select gentle program 30 °C, adjust spin speed to minimum, start and wait...
7. shake out the covers and hang them up in the fresh air to dry.
8. do not iron - cover the sofa again directly and enjoy it

We also recommend:
- Turn covers inside out
- Use laundry bag

We recommend the following detergents:

- Powder detergent
- mild detergent
- Liquid detergent
- Washing strips

So that your cover does not lose quality, we advise you not to use fabric softener and bleach.

To avoid marks and scratches on the floor, we recommend you to put a protective felt on the legs. You can buy this in any hardware store. Over time and through use, the felt will wear out and need to be replaced.

Our sofas, which have wooden legs, are already delivered with protective felt.

Ordering information

You have the opportunity to view our wide range of fabric samples on site and take them away with you. Alternatively, we offer you the option of ordering fabric samples free of charge via our website and having them delivered directly to your home.

Sure you can reorder individual covers or refresh the whole sofa with a new color.

Velare is the more robust fabric. The fabric is often used in the hotel or restaurant industry, as it has an extremely high abrasion resistance.

Mollia, on the other hand, is a rather soft fabric and has diagonal structures and a slight sheen. Thus, the color lives on the sofa, which also makes it look very classy.

Cotton Is 100% natural, however, the Cotton. That is, it wrinkles and even after washing the color may fade over time or the material may possibly warp.

Velcro strips are always included. But if more are needed, you can always reorder them from us for free.

Each sofa you can have in your desired colors and without extra charge. Just write this in the order note and the sofa will then be made so. But please note that personalized sofas are excluded from return.

All measurements of the sofas can be found on our homepage under the respective sofa under specifications. You will also find instructions on how to rearrange the sofas.

No, they are also removable. (See video on the website)

If the sofa is too small, you can extend it with any element you want. Also, if you want to order extra elements, you can simply send us an email with the elements you want and which fabric and color you want. We will then create a personal order link for you, so you can order your sofa online.

Delivery information

Due to summer operation, the delivery time is between 6-11 weeks depending on the product. You will receive a call from our carrier about a week before the delivery. If the date does not suit you, you can simply arrange a new date with him. However, it is possible that this date will be 2-3 weeks later.

For the sake of the environment, it is not possible for us to specify a desired date, but we always try to take this into account as much as possible.

The delivery costs and assembly is completely free of charge. Please note, however, that the road must be passable.

If you want to dispose of your old sofa, you can simply book this in the ordering process for an additional charge of 120 euros.

We can store the sofa for a maximum of 3 months from the order date to delivery. After that we have to deliver it.


The warranty is 2 years.

Yes, we do not use animal products to make our products.

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