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      The sofa as a highlight of your apartment!

      The sofa represents the heart of your living room, it takes up the most place and is often the point of contact in the apartment. All other pieces of furniture are predominantly tailored to this. This is exactly why you should attach the best to the best sofa to find for you. It should be comfortable, but also correspond to the furnishing style and ideally fit yours. Not only that, a perfect sofa offers high -quality workmanship and quality, it is also characterized by practical functionality and lets you experiment enough opportunities yourself. A removable connection if you get a different texture or color or the coffee spills over again. What do you think of flexibility with movable elements? So that you can turn your little couch into a corner sofa if necessary? That would be a piece of furniture for life! Now you definitely ask yourself: "Where should I find such a sofa?" Quite simply, you can find this much more to us in our online shop. Livom's large selection of furniture and various seating is like a sofa dream. Convince yourself and browse in our categories.

      Which sofa suits you?

      Your living room furnishings should be as individual and unique as you are. Colors, patterns and shapes tell your story and create a cozy atmosphere. The best thing to do is to think of a few thoughts before buying a sofa. After all, it is the focus in the room. For example, you can take a sheet of paper and make a rough sketch of your living room. Think about where exactly the sofa should go. How big should and may it be? Is a two -seater perhaps a bit too small for the spacious room? Does a 3-piece fit into the niche at the window? As soon as the size is, you can use our Sofa configurator Simply create the sofa of your dreams and let them run wild with different colors, as well as fabrics of your imagination. A spacious corner sofa or a modular living landscape is suitable for larger rooms and high ceilings. If you put your sofa in the middle of the room, it not only attracts a lot of attention, but also gives the area a modern look. This leaves space on the walls for bookshelves or chests of drawers. Smaller rooms often compliment a subtle couch or a two -seater in combination with an armchair.

      Your sofa from Livom - well -being guaranteed!

      You just have a stressful day behind you or come from work and wish you nothing more than to drop a cozy and cozy couch to finally relax? Then you are exactly right with us. Because our sofas offer you exactly that. With their high -quality interior, every day becomes a day full of seating comfort. Briefly a nap before the children come? No problem switching to sleep function quickly and cover yourself with one of ours Cuddly ceilings To - relaxation is that fast. Do you want to test and let yourself be convinced of the miracle of our sofas? You can also do that in one of ours at any time Showrooms Make or for 30 days for free directly at your home. But let yourself be told: addiction factor inevitable! Simply comfortable, so you don't want to get up anymore.

      The corner sofa - for every corner

      The so -called corner sofa can come in various designs. Small, large, medium, that's all of you. You already know that you can move the individual elements and arrange the individual elements with us. So your corner sofa can accept all kinds of shapes whenever you want. The move is pending and you move into a larger apartment? Or is it a little smaller this time? Then order more parts or put one way and you already have a couch that has adapted to your life situation like a chameleon. No matter where the trip goes, you move, pull Livom's sofa with you! This also means that you can conjure up a corner sofa from every sofa and turn each corner sofa into a three -part or into a small lounger. Be creative, be inventive, make whatever you popular and fill out the corners of your living rooms at most.

      Lying comfort with Livom's sofa sleeping function

      Your parents are visiting and the place in your apartment is a little too short? You really want to invite friends over Christmas, but the two -room apartment is just not spacious enough for a guest room? And of course you don't want to let the guests sleep on the floor as hospitable as you are. Well, how good that you chose a Livom sofa. Briefly change the individual elements and your visit can lie down relaxed. From now on the question is: "Slept well?" The answer always "yes"! Cozy cinema evening at home? Or a sleepover with your girls? Game evening with the boys? No matter what it is, your sofa is loyal to you and is flexible for every conceivable situation.

      Modular sofa - a masterpiece of colors!

      A sofa with modular individual parts can become more than one at first glance. We have already told you about the extremely practical flexibility and the function of modular sofas. Especially from their excellent adaptability to your life. This is exactly what makes modular sofas and couches. But you can do so much more and have a lot in stock. Because with the washing and changeable covers there is a large stylish and practical factor. You have the option of ordering and combining each part in a different color. Shrill, subtle or dark, that is entirely up to you. Imagine a living room that reflects your personality exactly. This also means that you no longer have to be afraid of stains. If something went wrong at the film evening, then the cover just comes into the laundry.

      Would you like sustainable sofa? Then off to Livom!

      In addition to high quality and the many advantages of our sofas, we also attach great importance to the sustainability our products. You too can participate in it and help to make our planet a little greener. In short words: buy the sofa and plant two trees. Our online shop offers you environmentally conscious and fairly produced furniture, which are also really fashionable. Is climate protection and a clean future as important to you as we are? Then choose Livom's sofas and become part of it. Buy a sofa for life that does not have to be replaced every few years and support our environmental projects at the same time. A sofa, many advantages and numerous options. What are you waiting for?

      Buy the sofa online - it can be that easy

      Do you know what if already, then right! Under no circumstances would we like to stop here and offer you more than many other furniture retailers. As a bonus on top, we deliver your long -awaited order to your front door free of charge. And as already mentioned, we do not do any things, because if you want assembly, we also contain it free of charge in our services. Is that a relaxed buying sofa? You just can't decide which fabric and which color you like best? With the selection, this is absolutely understandable, so many nuances and tones. But don't break your head, we also have a solution from Livom! With just a few clicks you can get free fabric patterns. Nothing stands in the way of finding the right sofa for you. Have fun!