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    A modular sofa can just be more!

    There are many sofas, but really fit, very few. Do you know that, too? They are either too wide, too deep, too massive or only available in boring colors. But why should you buy a sofa "off the shelf" if you can easily put together your personal modular sofa? By the way, modular sofas not only have the advantage that the space in your living room is optimally used. Future changes in your living situation are also with one Module sofa No more issue. For example, if you move around and your new living room is smaller (or larger), then simply put the individual elements of your module sofas together, buy which or dividing individual parts into another room. Maybe you don't want to wait for the next move, you want to bring some fresh air into your living room in between. Then you quickly take your modular sofa apart and arrange it again.

    With our configurator, you are welcome to test the countless possibilities that a modular sofa offers you in the interior design.

    A module sofa is flexible & always exactly as you need it

    Thanks to this incredible flexibility, a modular sofa from Livom is also very sustainable - and for several reasons. First: You can use it many, many, many years, because it is high quality and robust. Due to the washing and interchangeable covers, modular sofas from Livom still look like new even after a long time. Secondly, as soon as your living conditions change, you adjust your modular sofa to them and do not have to dispose of it. You buy additional modules in more space or output elements in less place. Third: Our modular sofas are handcrafted, sustainable and fairly produced in Europe-from FSC certified wood and according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 tested textiles. During production, our largest manufacture completely relies on solar energy and for delivery we invest a lot of time in the most resource -friendly route planning. If we sell a modular sofa, we plant two trees through the OneTreeplanted organization to support the worldwide reforestation. You see: beautiful furniture with practical functions and sustainable action can go hand in hand. But now we get down to business and start the design, because your new modular sofa is already waiting for you!

    Which couch module fits your living room?

    We have numerous modular sofas for you, but First Things First: First of all, you will of course measure how much space is available to you for your new modular sofa. Then you choose one of our couch models. We really have a modular sofa on offer for every taste - from straight line to slightly playful to refined. Just click through and choose your favorite. Now you can put together the individual elements so that your new modular sofa fits your living room exactly. Combine corner, medium and marginal elements as well as ottoman. Our configurator will help you try different modular sofas in all your variants. Of course, you should keep in mind: these sitting elements of your modular couch do not always have to be set up in the same form in the future. And it is precisely this flexibility that makes modular sofas so popular. All couch modules are easy to move and can be arranged again and again in countless variants. We think: For this reason alone, modular sofas are just great! But be careful - it gets even better. Because that was not everything you can choose from our module sofas.

    Fabric type & color complete your creation - your module sofa

    After the obligation, the freestyle comes and you can now become creative. Select fabric and color to complete your module sofa. Your taste is of course primarily required here, because we have already thought of the practical aspects. All fabrics that we use for your new modular sofa are not only certified Oeko-Tex®, but also both durable and easy to care for. This makes our module sofas true everyday wonders - stains have no chance here! Once a mishap happened to you, you simply pull the cover from the module sofa and put it into the machine at 30 ° C in a gentle water. In this way you always have a wonderfully clean and hygienic sofa. Another practical aspect that makes modular sofas so popular: If you want to bring a fresh look to your living room after a few years, you simply order for your modular sofa Replacement covers in a different color or from a different fabric. You already have a new sofa in no time and with a very low investment. With this clever concept, modular sofas also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Here the motto is not throwing away, but upgrading what the environment and your wallet is happy about.

    Especially clever: a modular sofa with sleep function

    This individual and tailored look for your living room was not yet everything a modular sofa has for you. You can also use your modular couch very practical: as a module sleep sofa. All of our models offer you the opportunity to turn your modular sofa into a bed. By cleverly arranging, you can easily and quickly design a lush lying surface on which your guests can comfortably slumber. With this uncomplicated functionality, a modular sofa sofa from Livom is of course perfect for spontaneous overnight visit. Because one thing is clear: hardly anything is more annoying than the complicated and long -winded conversion of a sofa bed if everyone is already dead tired. So you just save yourself this by pushing your module sofa in bed shape. The special plus: nobody looks at your module sofa that it is also a sofa bed, because there are no additional roles, struts or feet installed. This is how modular sofas from Livom remain pleasantly compact and still offer you the full program. There is actually only one question left: What if this intensive use leaves traces on the module sofa? Of course we know: the more you use your modular sofa, the higher the stain risk. But this is not a problem with our models, because all references are pull-off, washing and even changeable.

    Small extra point for you: Our beautiful ones Coffee tables transform into practical bedside tables as quickly as our module sofas into sleep sofas. So they are the ideal addition to your stylish and functional living room look.

    Would you like to buy a modular sofa?

    Now it's your turn and click your new modular sofa yourself. Clearly: If you want to buy a modular sofa, you order individually designed and modular sofas from us. With the Livom configurator you can test different models and variants and make your dream sofa reality piece by piece. The great thing about it: When planning, you always keep an eye on your specified dimensions and also get a very clear idea of ​​what your new modular sofa will look like. Because the optics are of course also adjusted in the configurator depending on the selection. If you are not quite sure about the color or maybe even with the type of fabric, then we will send you immediately Free fabric pattern to. In addition, you can in our Showrooms Experience with all your senses. If these are too far away from your place of residence, you simply use our competent video advice to perfectly coordinate your modular sofa. Our facility experts are available directly from one of our showrooms. Together you will definitely find the optimal sofa for your needs. Use one of these services if you want to buy a module sofa.

    Our bonus for you: Of course, we will deliver your new modular sofa to you for free and build it up for you. From then on you can test your modular sofa for 30 days without risk. What are you waiting for? Your modular sofa would now like to be configured by you!