Sofa Konfigurator

Unser Sofa Konfigurator bietet dir die Möglichkeit, dein Traumsofa individuell anzupassen. Wähle aus einer Vielzahl von Stoffen, Farben und Designs, um den perfekten Look für dein Zuhause zu schaffen.

Wähle dein Sofa zum konfigurieren

Sofa configurator - create your dream sofa with Livom

The sofa is a central and important element in a home. It makes a room complete and invites you to linger. It is a place to come down, for movie nights and many shared hours with family and friends. We often place many demands on our upholstered furniture. Not only do they have to be comfortable, match the style of the home and offer enough space for guests, but they also have to be able to withstand dog paws and children's hands. Last but not least, they should also look good during use. No wonder that more and more people therefore to modular seating sets that can be quickly adapted and rearranged to suit their needs.

To ensure that your sofa meets all your requirements, you can now customize it with the Livom Sofa Configurator to design it individually. Creating your dream sofa has never been so flexible. Whether it's an L-shaped sofa, a large living area, clean lines or a trapezoidal shape - everything is possible in our couch configurator. Choose between fabrics, colors and extensions, the matching details for your dream sofa - so buying a sofa is fun!

Assemble your own sofa with the Livom sofa configurator

One sofa is too big, the other has a very delicate fabric cover and again the next one just doesn't look nice? Wouldn't it be great if you could choose all the individual elements you like in a couch and combine them in a new sofa? Our Sofa Configurator makes exactly that possible. You can now take the best of all sofas and put them together in a single sofa. The sofa configurator is very easy to use and allows you to try yourself as your own sofa designer.

So that you can Design your own couch you can choose from a wide range of high-quality models of Livom sofas. These can then be modified and designed at will. You will search in vain for rigid models. We focus on maximum flexibility. The keyword is modular sofa. This is not just a newfangled appearance. But quite the opposite! Even from stains you no longer have to fear with a Livom sofa. The desire for a light sofa you can now fulfill thanks to washable and changeable fabric covers.

Sofa configurator: step by step to the perfect sofa

First of all, we would like to briefly explain to you how easy it is to configure a sofa. made-to-measure sofa can be configured. First of all, select the sofa configurator. At the top of the bar you will find the model names. The models specify a certain design or shape. It is easiest if you first have a look at the models of our sofas and choose your favorites. Now it's time for the creative part. If necessary, the couch configurator shows you the dimensions so that you can plan better. In the large box on the right you can now individualize. Choose between different fabrics and colors. Feel free to try it out. The advantage of our configurator is that you can delete or reset the result if you do not like it.

Choose the right color

Are you unsure about a selected fabric? Then simply order a few fabric samples to your home. Be brave and also try to combine colors. How about a gray sofa with beige cushions? Look at the colors in your four walls. It can help to orientate yourself on these, so that the sofa contributes to a coherent overall picture in the end. Also exchange individual elements of the modular sofa. The question about the purpose of use can facilitate the decision. If you often have visitors and need a lot of seating, then large and small seating elements are ideal to get the most out of the space.

Modular sofa in the sofa configurator: what the modules can do

Assemble sofa modules and thus create the couch made to measure, which is suitable for everyday life, is quite simple with the sofa configurator. If you have already tried it, you will probably have noticed that each seat element can be moved in different ways, completely changing the entire sofa. This is especially handy if you don't want to or can't commit yourself. Cozy family evenings on a large reclining area in the evening and an elegant and compact couch during the day. That's what we call flexible!

A modular sofa, as the name suggests, consists of several modules that can be arranged in different ways. What you don't have to worry about is that the individual elements will constantly shift. The modules are held together on the underside with a very robust Velcro strip. So don't worry: throw yourself on the sofa after work. Move the modules as you please and don't let your sofa dictate the boundaries.

The right modules for your everyday life

To make sure you get the sofa that fits your life perfectly, it's important to decide on the right modules before you start. Configure sofa yourself to ask: What will the upholstered furniture be used for most often? How often does it actually happen in everyday life that you need a large reclining area for four people? Are three seats really enough - even if the whole family comes over regularly? Before you buy a new sofa, you should be sure. After all, the couch will accompany you for many years. Therefore, you should not make any compromises, but put together the dream sofa in the sofa configurator.

TipA seating element without a backrest can easily be converted into a footstool. With a large tray as a support, it can even be used as a modern coffee table variant. When configuring, also think about the matching accessories. Decorative cushions and cuddly blankets for cozy hours simply belong on the perfect sofa.

Sofa configurator: this is the right couch size

When putting together a couch, you will inevitably be confronted with the question of size. Only you can answer how big the sofa can and should be. That depends primarily on, how many seats you need and how much space the room offersin which the new piece of jewelry will stand. Also note that you leave enough space for passages - as between Coffee tableIf the TV is too close to the sofa, watching it becomes uncomfortable. A too narrow passage between coffee table and sofa will constantly disturb. Here, a guideline of about 1.5 m distance between the two pieces of furniture is a good orientation.

So take a folding rule or a tape measure and measure the available space first of all. Think also about the seat depth and seat height of the sofa, not only about the length.. Then consider how many seats are needed. Finally, of course, your personal preferences are also an important decision criterion. If you find narrow sofas more beautiful, but need a very wide one due to the criteria of use, you will not be happy with a purely rational decision. In this case, a compromise, i.e. a medium seat depth, might be the best choice.

A modular sofa for every occasion - design online, delivered to your home

Such a sofa configurator is already a practical thing. After all, a custom-designed sofa is not for everyone. At the same time, it is the easiest way to get the dream sofa that adapts to your everyday life. At the same time, buying a new couch is always a big decision. Ideally, it will accompany you for several years. Therefore, take a look at our already designed modular sofas. These can serve as inspiration for your own configuration - but we wouldn't be surprised if one of the models makes it into your interior design heart.

You just have to try out a sofa, see and touch the fabric live? Then visit our showrooms and try out the modular sofas on site. You also have the opportunity to inspect your Livom sofa in your own home for 30 days. Convinced? Then order your new and maybe even self-designed sofa now. Create a modern meeting place in your four walls, where everyone likes to get together. By the way, we deliver and assemble the sofa for you free of charge.