200 EUR Gutschein beim Kauf eines Sofas
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200 EUR Gutschein beim Kauf eines Sofas
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Livom Stuttgart

On the 1st floor of the Milaneo Stuttgart shopping center (Natura, opposite Decathlon) we have the sofa Donna, Paula, May and Alex on display. We look forward to your visit!

Milaneo, 1st floor (opposite Decathlon)
Showroom Livom
Milan Square 7
70173 - Stuttgart

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 13.00 - 20.00 hrs 
Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

From August 01, 2023, the showroom will be permanently closed.

How to find us

We would like to invite you to discover and experience everything and look forward to welcoming you, serving you a fresh cup of coffee and, above all, providing you with beautiful design from good materials to inspire. At your own pace.

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We are always ready to help you, whether you prefer to shop from home or visit us in a showroom.


Looking for a new sofa? Try it out and configure it at Livom in Stuttgart!

Sofas are the centerpiece of every living room and enhance the ambience. This makes it all the more important that you find the right sofa for your space. Livom is your specialist when it comes to customized sofa in Stuttgart in Stuttgart.

Are you fed up with the fact that the size and shape of your sofa simply doesn't fit into your space and harmonize with the other furniture? Then buy a sofa in Stuttgart from Livom now that adapts to your needs!

Touch and experience: Your sofa showroom in Stuttgart awaits you

There are things whose fascination we only realize when we touch them! Would you like to get to know your new sofa in Stuttgart in person and see the quality for yourself? Then the Stuttgart Livom showroom is the right place for you. We invite you on a journey through the world of sofas in the heart of Stuttgart!

Feel the fabric, sit down to try it out and enjoy the impressive ambience of a well-kept showroom. Would you like to buy a new buy a new sofa and live in Stuttgart? We cordially invite you to take a closer look at our large and homely selection. A sofa is more than just "any" piece of furniture. It's the place where you spend a lot of time, relax and find yourself. Do you compromise on quality? Not with Livombecause we love sofas and offer you the right solution for every need.

Find sofas in Stuttgart - we live and love sustainability

Why Livom, when there is Sofas in Stuttgart are a dime a dozen? At Livom, we only present you with a sofa if we would sit on it ourselves. Our motto is: quality before quantity - for you, for nature, for more sustainability!

Are you not just looking for any sofa in Stuttgart, but do you value careful production? Are nature and sustainability important to you? Then we at Livom have the perfect options for making your home in Stuttgart appealing with exquisite sofas.

Did you know that? With us, you're not just buying a sofa in Stuttgart! Instead, your purchase ensures that two new trees are planted. For the preservation of our forests and to ensure that our children also have a green and rewarding future.

Your sofa is as individual as you are

There are thousands of sofas in the world, but how many of them really suit you? We want you to find your dream sofa in Stuttgart, individual and perfect - just like you! At Livom, you'll find a large selection of sustainable modular sofas that adapt to your needs.

Our sofa store in Stuttgart doesn't offer 'off-the-shelf' products, but instead focuses on personality and character - even when it comes to sofas! This allows you to make the most of the space available in your home. And if you ever move house? No problem! You can leave Stuttgart with your sofa and give it a suitable place in your new home.

Use the individual sofa configurator from Livom to find a sofa that meets all your needs. Did you always think you had to compromise on the sofa? We at Livom will prove you wrong! You don't have to adapt to your sofa, but vice versa.

Buying the perfect sofa - Stuttgart is the place to go

A sofa is an investment for many years. So it's no wonder that you plan carefully to find the right sofa in Stuttgart. Let us help, because we at Livom love sofas as much as you do!

We are convinced that the perfect sofa changes the way you feel about life. If we succeed in enriching Stuttgart and its living spaces with our sofas, we're happy! Come to our comfortable sofa showroom in Stuttgart and settle down for a cup of coffee. Let your hands glide over your potential new couch, feel the different fabrics and convince yourself of the quality with all your senses!

Come to our sofa store - Stuttgart at its best

Do you live in Stuttgart and want to expand your lifestyle? You can with the right sofa for your needs. You can configure your modular sofa for comfortable hours at home in no time at all in our online store. You can also discover your dream sofa in our showroom.

Are you looking for a sofa in Stuttgart but don't have time to visit our showroom? Then simply drop by virtually! We offer video consultations directly from the showroom and show you around. At Livom, your sofa is tailored to you right from the start, because you are the center of attention.

Livom doesn't just have sofas - we are your all-rounder for the perfect sofa corner in Stuttgart

A sofa without a matching table is like chips without ketchup for you? At Livom, we know how important an elegant living style is to Stuttgart residents. That's why we not only have your new sofa for you in Stuttgart, but also offer you a range of other products:

  • Coffee tables of the highest quality, including sustainable materials
  • Replacement covers for your sofa - because we live and love sustainability
  • Cuddly blankets and decorative cushions for pure relaxation
  • Fabric samplesif you want to show off your new sofa to your friends in Stuttgart
  • Carpetsfor a unique barefoot feeling in front of your sofa

Find a new sofa in Stuttgart now at Livom

Livom is hip, cool, trendy and sustainable at the same time! We fulfill real living dreams and do so with a good feeling. Our focus is clearly on you as a customer. You'll notice that as soon as you enter our Stuttgart showroom.

Let Livom take you into the world of aesthetic and sustainable home decor. We know how special you are! And that's why you'll get a couch from us - one that represents you and your individuality. We look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your sofa dream!