Livom Munich

In Munich at our partner Showlofts you will find the Livom Showroom Munich. We have the sofa Harvey, Donna, Katrina & Mike on display. No appointment is necessary - you can just drop by. 

Showlofts Berlin GmbH 
Bertha-Kipfmüller-Str. 21
81249 - Munich

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 h

No appointment is necessary - you can just drop by.

The showroom will be closed on 30.05.2024.


We would like to invite you to discover and experience everything, and look forward to welcoming you, serving you a fresh cup of coffee and, above all, providing you with beautiful design from good Materials to inspire. At your own pace.

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We are always ready to help you, whether you prefer to shop from home or visit us in a showroom.


Discover our sofa showroom in Munich now and experience Livom products up close!

You don't want to search through countless furniture stores anymore to find a suitable sofa for your living room? You've just found a couch that comes closest to what you want, but that one corner is way too wide for your space and the search starts all over again. Not with us! We offer you great freedom and individually designable living landscapes. No matter what you are looking for - at Livom you are guaranteed to find it. You want to get a little taste first? No problem, take a look at our sofa showroom in Munich in Munich. Here you can not only try it out and get advice from our friendly staff, but also take a close look at the quality of our products and convince yourself of their coziness and innovative concept.

We are already eagerly awaiting your visit and look forward to welcoming you to our sofa showroom in Munich.

Buy a sofa in Munich: Comfort at the highest level!

Whether it's the in-laws who are visiting for the weekend or your new neighbors who you have invited for dinner: With a cozy couch from Livom, you are sure to draw admiring eyes to your space. Once the guests take a seat on it, there's no turning back. Because questions and statements like "this is totally comfortable" or "Where did you find such a great couch?", are preprogrammed.

You don't believe us? Then our sofa showroom in Munich is just the place to see for yourself. Come by, feel the fabric of the covers and the cozy upholstery, admire the various colors and fabric patterns. And maybe one or the other exhibit will even inspire you. A visit to Munich to buy a sofa is definitely worth it!

Buy a sofa in Munich - our showroom offers you many options

We all know it, don't we? The next move is coming up, an addition to the family is planned or a change of scenery is urgently needed again. Buying a new couch every time is super time-consuming in the first place and can also be very expensive in the long run. And as if that were not enough, it harms our environment. We at Livom offer you a great solution for all this, without having to buy a completely new sofa. Our sofas are flexible, grow with you and change according to your needs. In our sofa showroom in Munich you can take a look at the different models and try them out.

Do you simply want to change the atmosphere in the room and have decided on a new color combination to get more freshness in the living room? Well, how good that your sofa is from Livom. Just order new covers in the store and you're ready to go! It's just as easy if you want to change the size of your couch. Our living room landscapes consist of individual, modular parts and can be expanded or reduced in size at any time. So no one stands in the way of you and your creativity - especially not your Livom couch! You are looking for a modular sofa? Here with us, you're sure to find your perfect couch for every conceivable situation in life - as a sofa bed for the sleepover party or the corner sofa for cozy evenings. And in the sofa showroom in Munich you can simply choose your new living landscape.

You are curious and want to know how the whole thing works in detail? Our staff will be happy to help you in one of our show lofts. Munich, Berlin, Cologne and many other locations are available for you and your family. With a cup of coffee, you can take a look around at your own pace and to your own taste.

Sofa Showroom Munich - Sustainability on a whole new level

Furniture stores are a dime a dozen, of course. That's why we are different. Livom doesn't just stand for modular furniture, but equally for sustainability and against the throwaway mentality. We create designs that are timeless - not the day before yesterday in two years. Every sofa in the Sofa Showroom Munich and in the online store is designed modularly, so that it can adapt to your living circumstances and your living space. The high quality and workmanship ensures that your couch is beautiful for a long time. Of course, you can test all this and much more in person at the Sofa Showroom Munich. But we didn't want to be satisfied with just that, and of course we've gone one better.

All our sofas are handmade and are manufactured in Europe. So that not only the transport route is shorter and you get your sofa delivered as quickly as possible, but also to keep CO₂ emissions as low as possible. This planet is very close to our company's heart and we do our best every day to offer you a sustainable alternative compared to many other furniture. Our sofas are made with FSC certified wood and our fabrics and textiles are also impressive with their quality.

Plus, with every sofa you order, we plant two trees. The best part? The trees are planted exactly where they are needed most. Get involved and make your contribution to a greener home. True to the motto: Buy a couch in Munich = plant 2 trees! Together we can protect the environment and thereby keep our footprint on this world small and clean.

Sofa Showroom in Munich - discover our assortment and let yourself be enchanted by the large selection!

Livom does not only stand for modular sofas, even if they are our trademark. In our online store you can find much more and add more sustainable and quality shining furniture to your living room - starting with cozy blankets to rugs and coffee tables. What are you waiting for? Create the living room of your dreams now and relax on your comfortable sofa. In our showroom in Munich you can discover your new sofa - as individual as you are. We are already looking forward to you, your visit to the sofa showroom in Munich and your order!