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We currently have our sofas in Hanover Harvey, Nina, Donna, Paula, LouisMike, Jessica, Mia, Marie, outdoor sofa Harvey, Alex and Scottie on display. No appointment is necessary - you can simply drop by.

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How to find us
Sofa showroom
Modular sofas in Hanover

In our sofa showroom in Hanover, you can try out selected sofas from our online range and receive professional advice. Our experienced specialist staff will help you put together and select the right modular sofa.

Sofa Konfigurator Berlin
Sofa configurator
Configure a sofa in Hanover

Would you like to put together your sofa according to your wishes and adapt it to your needs? That's no problem either - you can put together your own sofa in the online store or in the Livom showroom in Hanover - of course, the specialist staff can help you with the sofa configurator and help you create your dream sofa. You can try out the different types of fabric, shapes and materials directly on site.

We would like to invite you to discover and experience everything and look forward to welcoming you, serving you a fresh cup of coffee and, above all, providing you with beautiful furniture. design from good materials to inspire. At your own pace.

More Livom showrooms

We are always ready to help you, whether you prefer to shop from home or visit us in a showroom.


Sofa Showroom Hanover - Livom's rooms of comfort

In most cases, your sofa takes up a large part of your living room, making it the center of attention. That's why you should definitely find the perfect sofa for you and your room. How do you do that? Well, with Livom. It's really easy with our modular living room landscapes. Put together your own personal sofa and let it shine brightly in your home. Because it definitely will.

Want to try it out and see the models live? Then come to our sofa showroom in Hanover. Stop by now and be enchanted by the beautiful sofas in Hanover. Exhibits in bright and subtle colors, beautiful patterns and a wide variety of combinations await your curious eyes.

No showroom nearby? No problem, because we at Livom don't let anyone down and have of course thought of everyone. Order free fabric samples directly to your doorstep on our homepage.

Experience our seating comfort up close in the sofa showroom in Hanover

Sometimes you just have to feel the soft and supple fabric under your fingers and witness something wonderful for yourself. The feeling of sitting down on a high-quality sofa with optimum upholstery, sinking into it and simply relaxing is unique. There is no way to describe it or feel it. You simply have to experience it. See for yourself in our sofa showroom in Hanover. You and your friends and family are very welcome and can try out our sofas at your leisure. But be warned: the seating comfort is so heavenly that you will hardly want to get up.

Do you still have questions about the individual modular pieces or would you like fabric and color recommendations? Our employees on site in our sofa showroom in Hanover will be happy to help you and give you professional advice on your dream couch in Hanover.

View the exhibits: Buy a sofa in Hanover now!

Sofas are available in a wide variety of designs and models, and the capital city of Hanover in particular is teeming with furniture. But which one is right for you and your space? One is too big, the other too narrow. The model in the furniture store seems perfect, but something about the fabric pattern bothers you. Don't worry - you've come to the right place at exactly the right time. Because whether it's the fabrics or the colors, one element is too small or the corner is too big, it doesn't matter to us. Just take it down, rebuild it, reupholster it! Do whatever you have in mind, because with Livom there are no limits. Create your couch with our sofa configurator and transform your home into an oasis of comfort that also looks really stylish.

Visit our sofa showroom in Hanover, gather inspiration or simply take a seat and see the beautiful designs of our products for yourself. Which, by the way, not only impress with their appearance and quality, but also boast sustainability. We make sofas for life and at the same time ensure a clean future. Be a part of it too. How can you? Easy: buy Livom's sofas in Hanover!

Hanover: Want a sofa to fall in love with? Then off to Livom!

It can be quite difficult and nerve-wracking to find the perfect sofa for your living room. After all, you spend precious time in this place and want to make the most of it. In addition, the sofa should not only fit into the room and harmonize with your furnishings, it should of course also be flexible and practical. And what would a sofa be without a comfort factor and a style to melt away? That's right, a waste of money!

Don't sacrifice any of the above aspects, don't compromise and choose the safer side. At Livom you get all this and much more - with modular sofas. Curious? Then take a look at our online store and discover your new favorite piece today! Experiment with our configurator and create a sofa that meets all your wishes and satisfies your every need with ease. You've made your decision and now you want to choose the colors "in real life" in real life? Then our sofa showroom in Hanover is at your disposal, including professional advice. You can see various models live and try them out in our showrooms.

Sofa showroom Hanover - more than just a couch, because sustainability is very important to us!

All our products in the range are handmade in Europe and delivered to you in an environmentally friendly way. We do not produce mass products and set ourselves apart from conventional furniture stores. We also do not want to be part of the throwaway society and are committed to a sustainable future. Because we care deeply about our planet's tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In addition, with every sofa order we plant two trees exactly where they are needed most. What's more, our sofas are made from FSC-certified and sustainable wood. Our fabrics and textiles are in no way inferior. Livom therefore not only stands for quality, but also for sustainability.

Visit our sofa showroom in Hanover and let our friendly staff advise you on site. Choose Livom when buying furniture and help us make our homes a little greener. Every day, every tree and every purchase counts!

Modular sofas in Hanover - these living landscapes simply have it all and impress in every respect. Now it's up to you, which future will you choose?

Showroom Hannover offers you more than just sofas - Livom comes as a complete package!

Anyone who thought that we only have sofas in our range was completely wrong. After all, how could we even consider not equipping your cozy seating area or aesthetic living room with other high-quality and, of course, environmentally friendly pieces of furniture? Your couch still needs the perfect cuddly blanket? Or the matching color decorative cushionto round everything off wonderfully? Perhaps another coffee table for the tasty snacks or scented candles? Well, then off to Livom! You'll find all this and much more here. Visit our online store today or drop by our sofa showroom in Hanover, for example. We are already looking forward to your visit and can hardly wait.