Modular & sustainable sofas

The vision behind Feydom

In 2017, we were provoked by common sense to do whatever was necessary to transform our business model and produce environmentally sustainable products.

With the clear goal of recognizing and accepting full responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment and society, we initiated Project HOOOPE with the following objectives:

  • Systematic redesign of the entire production process
  • Large investments in the development of new renewable resources
  • Structuring of business ethics based on full transparency and accountability

Most popular Feydom sofas

Discover the most popular Feydom sofas - exclusively at Livom

Each FEYDOM sofa set is a modular system consisting of several elements.

Add. Remove. Arrange. Reshape.

Sofa sets that adapt to the exact number of people you need.

Choose the number of seats for your sofa set by selecting a pre-made set or creating your own set to fit your individual needs. Even if you have already purchased a set designed for 3 people and find that you need more: You don't have to replace the sofa - just add more seating elements.

Each sofa set can fit a wide range of room sizes, from small dorm rooms to large lounges.

How it works

Everything works with quick and easy movement of elements. Get the most out of your space by arranging a set to ideally fit your room size. Split it up. Combine it. An ideal sofa set for your space is not a myth.

Innovatively simple connectors that make relaxing worry-free.

Whether you want to add hook-and-loop fasteners to the joints of the elements, lock the wheels of the sofa set in place, or snap the discreet metal connectors into place, it's easy to make sure the elements stay in place with any of our sofa sets.

Feydom forest

To reduce deforestation for wood, we started planting a forest in 2017. Since then, we have planted 10 hectares of Paulownia trees in this forest every year. This year, we have a total of 30,000 fast-growing trees in a 50-hectare plantation, which is only the first half of our 100-hectare project that we call Feydom Forest: Feydom Forest

The goal of this project is to supply our own wood by planting 10 trees for every tree used in our production process. The forest now absorbs 2000 tons of CO2 annually, and this figure will increase rapidly in the coming years.

Production with solar energy

In order to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, in 2019 we began installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our factories.

Today, these power plants produce more electricity than we consume in our production lines, so the entire process runs on clean energy.

Other environmental promises

Removable covers

Each new FEYDOM sofa system is equipped with removable covers that are easy to wash and clean.

These removable covers also offer the possibility of changing the fabric and color of each element. This allows you to redesign the living room without having to throw away part of the existing furniture.

Pocket spring core

In order to reduce plastic waste pollution, all our new models are equipped with steel barrel pocket springs that replace the foam. The use of springs reduces the use of polyurethane foam by 50% and doubles the longevity of the product.


This year we have developed a special production line for products made from leftover materials, which reduces waste to a minimum.