Discount battle on Black Friday? Not with Livom

Livom prefers to support social projects

Instead of a discount battle, we at Livom donate 50 euros to social projects for every sofa sold. True to the Livom motto: Cause we're all guest.

Black Week Fundraiser

Discount battle on Black Friday without us.
8000 Spendenziel
46% des Ziels erreicht
2.456 bis zum Spendenziel
Projects we support:
GAiN well construction Details

For each sold sofa Livom collects 50€ and donates it to GAiN to build a well worth 8.000€.

Plan International Details

If Livom collects more than 8,000€, the rest will be donated to Plan's girls' fund to promote girls' rights and equal opportunities.

Global Aid Network
Well construction in Africa with GAiN - Clean water means life

Every minute, four children die worldwide as a result of contaminated drinking water. In Africa, more than 800 million people have no access to clean water. Children do not go to school because they have to walk many kilometers every day with heavy water canisters.

A well changes everything. But it usually takes a deep drilling machine to get the clean drinking water. GAiN helps with the necessary technology and personnel to build wells in Africa.

Each well provides drinking water for about 1,000 people.GAiN drills wells in Ethiopia, Benin, Tanzania, Togo and Sudan. More information about the project and how a well is built can be found here.

PLAN International
The PLAN International Girls' Fund - To protect, empower and promote girls

Violence, exploitation, exclusion, no access to health facilities, education and thus no chance of a career - being a girl is a punishment in many countries.

With brutal consequences. 132 million girls worldwide do not go to school. 200 million girls and women are circumcised. Two thirds of all illiterates are female. Being a girl must not be a punishment.

Support the PLAN International Girls' Fund and the fight for more justice. You can find more information about the projects here.