Tips against statically charged sofas. You can do that against it

Tipps gegen statisch aufgeladene Sofas. Das kannst du dagegen tun - Livom

Electrically charged sofa? You can do that against it

Give yours yours sofa Always an electric blow? Then you are exactly right here. We will show you what is the reason and how you can avoid the electrical blows in the future.

Electrically charged furniture - what is behind it?

You probably know it: you sit on the sofa and you get a wiped. These mini current strikes can be quite uncomfortable. If the whole thing happens in the dark, there can even be a visible spark. But why can furniture and other objects be static at all?

There are several causes behind it.

  • Dry air: A very common reason for static charging is dry air. Usually positive and negative charges about moisture in the air can be compensated for. However, as soon as the air is too dry, which is often the case in winter, this compensation can no longer take place and sparks can spray.



  • Friction: In everyday life it often leads to static charging. Not only when the sofa sucks is friction that can lead to small electric shocks, but also if you simply go through your living room.
  • Material: Of course, it is also influenced by the material whether something can be charged static. Non -managers are, for example, plastics or rubber. Synthetic chemical fibers, on the other hand, are rather susceptible and therefore invite more easily.

Our tips against static charging

Of course we know many useful tips on how you can prevent unpleasant sparks - so watch out for:

Use dryer cloths

Wiping with a dry cloth over the sofa is probably the simplest way to counter static charging. Dryer towels are actually intended for the tumble dryer and give your laundry a fresh fragrance. However, since they also have an excellent effect against static charging, they are perfect for a small "sofa degradation".

Increase air humidity

Have you ever noticed that your sofa gives you electrical blows, especially in winter? Static electricity can build up much better in the dry heating air.



In order to increase the air humidity at your home, you can use a humidifier, for example. But it is also easier: a few plants in the room can significantly increase the moisture content in the air.

Immediately after vacuuming, sofas are usually particularly charged. By easily moistening your sofa with a atomizer, you can effectively counteract discharges and thus electric shocks

Antistatic sprays

In some upholstery furniture, antistatic components are already incorporated into the fabric, but of course this is by no means the case. Antistatic sprays are a super simple solution for everyone who wants to reliably free their sofa from any load.

Simply spray the sofa from about 30cm away and let it dry. After that, the sofa can be used directly and the electrostatic charging is history.

Make antistatic spray yourself

By the way, you can also easily make an antistatic spray yourself. For this you need the following:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1 teaspoon of fabric softener
  • 1 cup of water



Simply mix fabric softener and water and you can start. Before use, you should shake the solution well. Also keep enough distance from the sofa with the homemade spray so that no stains arise.

Uncharged surfaces with metal unload

Another tip that you can easily implement at home to discharge your sofa: snap a metal clothes or another metallic object and spread over the sofa surfaces. You will notice that some metal helps to bring the loads back into balance.

With these simple tricks you can simply prevent electrical blows.

Would you like more tips?

  • Running barefoot prevents sparks. Electrostatic discharges are favored by rubber soles and socks. On the other hand, if you are barefoot, no sparks can spray.
  • Cream yourself regularly. Dry skin tends to trigger an electric shock. Especially in the winter months you should moisturize your skin well.
  • Add 50ml baking powder to your washing powder to prevent static charging.
  • Featuring fabric softener, dryer balls, a ball of aluminum foil or a damp washcloth in the dryer are also considered to be secret weapons against electrostatic charging.
  • Pay attention to the materials of your clothes. Cotton or other natural materials invite less than nylon or other synthetic fibers.

One thing is certain: With these simple tips and tricks, the annoying electric shocks no longer have a chance. 😉

So you can enjoy your sofa again carefree - without a spark.