The country style - and how to use it correctly!

Der Landhausstil - und wie man ihn richtig anwendet!

Country style is a popular choice for those who want to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere at home. In this article, we'll take a closer look at country style and show you how to implement it properly.

What is the country style?

Country style is an interior design style inspired by rural areas and the charm of the country. It stands for rustic charm and natural beauty. Typically, a mixture of traditional elements, rustic furniture and a sense of coziness.

The history of country style

This style has its roots in the rural life of times gone by. Originally, it came from rural regions of Europe, where people furnished their homes with materials from nature and simple furniture. Over time, the country style has evolved and was influenced by different cultures.

In Germany, for example, country style has a long tradition. As early as the 18th century, rich peasants and noblemen began to design their houses in the country style. These houses were often decorated with hand-carved wooden furniture, decorative tiles and embroidery. Here, the country house style was a sign of coziness.

In France, on the other hand, the country house style was strongly influenced by Provence. Rustic wooden beams, terracotta tiles and pastel-colored walls are typical here. French country style brings elegance and romance.

Characteristic features of the country style

This style is distinguished by many special features: Natural materials such as wood and stone, pastel shades, romantic details such as lace and floral patterns, and cozy fabrics such as Cotton and linen. It is a style reminiscent of old times.

Another distinctive feature is vintage furniture and antiques. Old chests, rustic cabinets and cozy armchairs give the room a nostalgic touch.

To complete the country style, accessories like candlesticks, baskets, vases and vintage pictures are ideal. They help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

You can apply country style in any room - from the kitchen to the bedroom. With its natural elements and rustic feel, it will create a cozy environment anywhere.

The main elements of the country style

To implement the country style in your home, you should pay attention to the most important elements. These include choosing the right furniture, using the appropriate colors and materials, and selecting the right accessories and decorations.

Country style is a popular style of interior design that exudes coziness and naturalness. It is characterized by rustic elements and a warm atmosphere reminiscent of country life.

When choosing furniture for country style, you should go for rustic wooden furniture. Old pieces of furniture with charm are ideal, but new furniture in vintage style also goes well with country style. Remember that the furniture should be comfortable and functional, such as. modular sofas, to emphasize the cozy character of the country style.

A country style room should have light and soft shades such as white, beige, blue and green. These colors create a harmonious atmosphere and make the room look bigger and airier. Also use natural materials like wood, stone and Cotton, to give the room a natural touch.

The right accessories and decorations will give your home the final touch of country style. Choose rustic decorative objects like metal candlesticks, Pillows with floral patterns or antique vases. Floral arrangements and natural elements like dried flowers and twigs are also a must for country style.

To create an authentic atmosphere, you can also use traditional patterns and motifs. Checked patterns, stripes or floral designs perfectly fit the country style and give your home a charming look.

Country style is timeless and suits different interior styles. Whether you have a modern or classic home, country style can add warmth and coziness to any room.

How to apply the country style correctly

To properly apply country style, it's important to go room by room and pay attention to the details. Here are some tips on how you can implement the country style in your, home:

Room by room: applying the country style

Start with one room and work your way from there. Focus on the furniture, colors and decorations that represent country style. The living room, bedroom and kitchen are particularly well-suited to country style, as they enhance the cozy feel of the style.

For example, in the living room you can a comfortable couch in country style, which can be furnished with cozy pillows and a warm blanket and a warm blanket. Complement the room with rustic wooden furniture and accessories like an antique fireplace or a cozy rug in vintage look.

In the bedroom, you can choose a cozy bed with a rustic wooden frame and furnish it with soft comforter covers and romantic curtains. Complement the room with a vintage-style dresser and a cozy armchair for reading.

In the kitchen, you can emphasize the country style by using natural materials like wood and stone. Choose a rustic kitchen island and combine it with white cabinets and a vintage sink. Decorate the room with colorful ceramic dishes and a farmhouse table with matching chairs.

Tips and tricks for the perfect country style

Choose the right materials and colors for country style. Avoid cluttered rooms and go for natural and rustic elements. Combine different textures and patterns to create an interesting and cozy atmosphere. Remember that country style doesn't have to be perfect, but reflects the charm and naturalness of country life.

To further accentuate the country style, you can use rustic accessories like baskets, wooden crates and vintage lamps. Place fresh flowers and green plants in the rooms to create a natural atmosphere. Also use textiles like plaid tablecloths, striped curtains and cozy rugs to enhance the country style. Find out which living room plant will fit best in your home in our guide: Living Room Plants

Another important aspect of the country style is the lighting. Choose warm, subdued lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use fabric lampshades or rustic metal lights to complement the country style.

Country style in different countries

Country style varies from country to country and has its own peculiarities. Here are some of the most popular country house styles from different countries:

English country house style

English country style is characterized by elegant and romantic aesthetics. It includes typical elements such as carved furniture, floral patterns and fine fabrics.

English country style originated in the 18th century, when wealthy British families began to embellish their rural estates. The furniture of this style is often made of dark wood and decorated with intricate carvings. Floral patterns are a characteristic feature of English country style and are often used on upholstered furniture, curtains and wallpaper. Noble fabrics such as velvet, Velvet and silk give the room a luxurious flair.

French country style

French country style captivates with its romantic charm and playful elegance. Light shades, delicate fabrics and ornate furniture are typical.

French country style developed in the 17th and 18th centuries, when wealthy French families began to decorate their rural estates in country style. Light colors such as pastels and white dominate the color palette of this style, giving the room an airy and romantic atmosphere. Delicate fabrics like linen and lace are used for curtains, bedding and Pillows Used to add a touch of elegance. Ornate furniture with carvings and curved lines are characteristic of the French country style.

Scandinavian country style

Scandinavian country style is influenced by nature and minimalist design. Light colors, natural materials and simple furniture are characteristic of this style.

Scandinavian country style originated in the Nordic countries, where people have a close connection with nature. Light colors like white, beige and gray dominate the color palette of this style and create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood and stone are used for floors, furniture and accessories to create a natural aesthetic. Simple furniture with clean lines and minimalist design are characteristic of Scandinavian country style.

Country style vs. modern interior styles

Country style and modern interior styles often contrast with each other, but they can also be combined harmoniously.

The country style is characterized by a cozy atmosphere and a return to nature. Wooden furniture, rustic elements and warm colors dominate this style. In contrast, modern interior styles rely on clean lines, minimalist design and cool colors like white and gray.

Nevertheless, both styles can be merged by combining modern elements with rustic accents. An example of this would be using modern sofas and tables in combination with a rustic wooden shelf or an antique dresser.

Differences and similarities

Country style emphasizes naturalness and traditional charm, while modern interior styles focus on functionality and contemporary design. While country style creates a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere, modern interior styles exude a certain elegance and clarity.

Despite these differences, there are also similarities between the two styles. Both emphasize a pleasant living atmosphere and thoughtful interior design. Both country style and modern interior styles place a lot of emphasis on the selection of high-quality materials.

Combination of country style and modern styles

If you want to combine country style with modern interior styles, pay attention to a balanced mix of elements. Use modern furniture and accessories, but keep the rustic charm of the country style.

One way to combine both styles is to hang modern artwork or photographs on the walls of a country style room. This creates an interesting contrast between traditional coziness and contemporary art. Another option is to use modern lights or lamps to bring a touch of modernity to the country style.

Combining country style with modern decorating styles offers a variety of ways to create an individual and unique look for your home. Experiment with different materials, colors and textures to achieve the style you want.

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Common mistakes when decorating in country style

When decorating in a country style, there are some mistakes that can occur and should be avoided. Here are some stumbling blocks and how to avoid them:

Stumbling blocks to avoid

Avoid cluttered rooms with too many decorations and furniture. Make sure the proportions are right and keep the rustic character of the country style in mind.

Another common mistake is to focus on too many different colors and patterns. Country style is characterized by a natural and harmonious color palette. Therefore, choose colors that match the surroundings and create a cozy atmosphere.

Another stumbling block is to over furnish the room. Make sure you have enough space to move around and that the furniture pieces harmonize well with each other. A country style is characterized by a certain lightness and openness.

How to correct and improve mistakes

If you've made mistakes while decorating in a country style, you can easily correct them. Remove unnecessary decorations, reduce the number of furniture pieces and focus on the characteristic features of the style.

To emphasize the rustic character of the country style, you can use natural materials such as wood, stone and linen. These materials will give your home a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Another approach to correct mistakes is to reorganize the room. Consider whether the arrangement of the furniture pieces makes the best use of the space and provides a good passageway. By cleverly arranging them, you can better show off the country style.

Finally, it is important to focus on the details. Choose matching accessories like Pillows, curtains and lamps that complement the country style. Make sure that they harmonize well with each other and create a coherent overall composition.

Conclusion: The country style in modern interior design

Country style is a timeless and cozy interior style that is a popular choice in modern interior design. With the right furniture, colors and decorations, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Get inspired by nature and rural life and turn your home into a cozy country house.

Country style has a long tradition and is closely connected with life in the countryside. Originally, this interior style was used in farmhouses and country houses to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere. However, nowadays country style is becoming more and more popular in city apartments and modern houses as well.

A characteristic feature of country style is the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and linen. These materials give the room a warm and organic atmosphere. Country style furniture is often rustic and robust, with a natural patina that gives it a charming vintage look.

To implement country style in your home, you can go for vintage look furniture. Old wooden furniture with intricate carvings or antique chests of drawers will give your room a unique charm. Complement this furniture with soft upholstered furniture and cozy textiles such as plaid blankets and Pillows.

The color palette in country style is often inspired by nature. Earth tones like brown, beige and green dominate, while bright and fresh colors like white and pastel shades create an airy atmosphere. Accents in bold colors like red or blue can add a lively touch to the room.


To emphasize the country style in your home, you can also go for rustic decorations. For example, hang pictures of idyllic landscapes on the wall or place wrought iron candlesticks. Floral arrangements with wild flowers and grasses will bring nature into the house and give the room a fresh touch.

Country style is suitable for both large and small rooms. In small rooms you can achieve visual enlargement with bright colors and cleverly placed mirrors. Large rooms, on the other hand, offer plenty of space for generous pieces of furniture and cozy sitting areas.

Another advantage of the country style is its versatility. You can adapt the style to your personal preferences and combine it with other interior styles. To take full advantage of the versatility of your living room, it's worth to use a modular sofa modular sofa. These have the advantage that you can transform them into cozy armchairs at any time. Besides, you can change the colors thanks to the changeable and washable covers at any time. For example, you can combine modern elements like glass or metal with rustic wooden furniture to create an interesting contrast.

Overall, country style offers a timeless and cozy atmosphere that is becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design. Whether you live in the country or in the city, country style can give your home an inviting and charming character.