Removable and washable sofa trains - how does it work?

Abnehmbare und waschbare Sofabezüge - wie funktioniert das?

Removable and washable sofa trains

Many know the problem, the sofa trains look grubby, but removing the stains by hand is often too tedious and time -consuming.

With our removable and washable sofa trains from Livom, this is now a thing of the past.

Regardless of whether your children secretly wiped off their chocolate fingers on the back, your cat prefers to sleep on the sofa or your partner is strong allergy sufferers.

The Livom sofa perfect for the children's and youth room

The Livom sofas are perfect for the children's room. We offer different colors and modules that can be integrated into the children's room according to your wishes. Many of our sofas offer a sleeping function, so that spontaneous overnight guests can sleep comfortably.

The sofa cushions can be removed without much effort, maybe a knight's castle, robber cave or a trampoline will soon become from the sofa? There are no limits to your child's creativity. And if something goes wrong, the covers can be completely removed and washed by a simple climbing system. The children can help you from a young age. This promotes independence.
The next adventure is not long in coming here.

Washable sofa covers

But our sofas also make a good impression in the youth room. With simple design, you can upgrade the space of your teenager without taking too much space. Here, too, it can be said: overnight guests. With just a few simple steps, the sofa becomes a comfortable sleep.

Has your child's favorite color changed? Then simply buy suitable covers in the new favorite color. You do not need to strain the environment (and your wallet) unnecessarily and save you the effort to buy a complete new sofa.

The wood that we use for our sofas is certified FSC and is grown sustainably.

Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that there are no carcinogenic dyes in our textiles.

Washable covers - perfect for allergy sufferers

People with allergies are not easy. Constant sneezing, coughing and watery eyes disturb a cozy round with friends. In addition, it consumes the forces and quickly leads to fatigue and fatigue.

With our washable sofa trains you can counteract this. Dust mites and pollen are washed out of the covers in no time and the evening can start.

Are you looking for an allergy -friendly sofa bed? Relaxing sleep is extremely important. If we do not sleep enough, it affects the complete body. Heartbeat and blood pressure rise, the good mood sinks. In addition, our long -term memory and the attention span decreases. We do tasks more unreliable and inaccurate.

For a relaxing sleep for allergy sufferers, we recommend washing the covers once or twice a week. So the allergy is no longer in the way.

Ideally suited for animal lovers

Did your cat sharpen her claws on the sofa tendon again instead of on the scratch tree? Does your dog jump into puddles and then on your favorite sofa cushion? Do your budgie prefer to eat the grains from your hand while reading a book?

Animals make dirt, that's no secret. Conventional sofas are not so easy to clean. For hours you try to remove the stains with home remedies and chemical bombs from the drugstore, often without success. Many animal owners then buy cheaper sofas and as soon as the pet has really let off steam, a new one. This is bad for the account and for ecological footprint. The average German produces 200 kg CO₂ per year by purchasing textiles. It would be nice if we could lower this number.

Has your cat kept the sofa cushion for a mouse and bitten into holes? Then order exactly the cover that you need and help to reduce the CO₂ excesses without having to do without a stylish home.

The interest in interchangeable and washable sofa trains increases

More and more people are interested in sustainability. They are aware of the environment and have their noses fully from the throw -away company. A short time ago, one-way lint rolls were taken to remove animal hair from the sofa. The ecological balance of the roles is bad. The plastic is rarely made of recycled materials, the glue does not vegan and full of pollutants.


You can remove our sofa trains in no time and wash it in any conventional machine. You can use any detergent that you like. So you know exactly what is later on the textile. So there is no doubt whether there are pollutants in the textile.


What are there and how do you differ?

We offer you three different types of fabric: vellare, mollia and cotton.

The type of fabric Vellare offers you the advantage that it is extremely hard -wearing. It is closely woven so that hair and animals' hair and animals stay on the surface and do not penetrate into the tissue. Safety bonus: The fabric is flame retardant and offers you, your family and your friends.

Our Mollia fabrics are soft and rather velvety. Since the fabric is woven in line, many spots can already be cleaned with a damp cloth or household cloth. This fabric also says annoying hair. Due to the tight fabric, the hair finds it difficult to find its way and stay on the surface. Even claws or teeth have no chance in the Mollia fabric.

We also offer you cotton sofa trains. You already know how cotton feels on the skin. The fashion industry has been enthusiastic about this hard -wearing fabric for centuries. Cotton is excellent to clean, absorb your favorite detergent smells for a long time and is also difficult to escape. And this fabric is also suitable for your household with animals.

Tips for maintaining removable sofa trains

Our sofa trains are very robust, you can't do much wrong. But so that you have something from our products for as long as possible, we have a few tips for you here:

The right washing machine program

If the cover is only slightly dirty, you can already wash it at 20-30 degrees, with a clear conscience. Light spots such as yogurt or dust can be removed at 20 degrees and the material is not overused. If the fabric is heavily dirty, you can wash it at 30 degrees. This kills almost all bacteria and thus ensures some extra cleanliness in your home.

If the fabric only smells uncomfortable, for example after the smoke of a cigarette, it can be washed from 20 degrees. This program is also recommended so as not to unnecessarily strain the environment.

How often should I wash the covers?

That is completely at your discretion. For allergy sufferers, it is advisable to wash the covers once a week. Even if people live in your household with a sensitive immune system, you can wash the covers more often so as not to take unnecessary risks.

Do you have any other questions about our products? Look into our FAQ, if you don't find an answer there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to advising you personally and clarifying your wishes and concerns.