Set up a small living room - that's how you do it

Kleines Wohnzimmer einrichten – So machst du’s richtig - Livom

The living room is the heart in our home. Here we meet with the family and friends, watch films and series, pass the time with games and treat us to some relaxation from everyday life.

If you have a large living room, you have plenty of scope and freedom when it comes to setting up. Setting up a small living room is a bit trickier, because the smaller the room, the faster it looks full.

We'll tell you what you should pay attention to when furnishing if you want to get the best out of your small living room!

Use bright colors

If your small living room is to look larger, you can rely on bright tones such as white, cream, beige or light gray with the colors. Gentle and reserved tones make the room appear larger and less depressing. In conjunction with various wooden elements, there is a great interaction.

If you have looked at the sofa color, you can easily reorder new covers in our shop-also for individual modules. So you don't have to replace the whole sofa right away, just the fabric covers.

To the fabric covers

Lots of light

Not only the furnishings in light colors can enlarge a living room, but also a lot of natural light. Large window fronts make a room appear larger and friendlier. If possible, natural daylight should dominate the lighting concept in the living room. So make sure that you have no heavy curtains or large furniture in front of your window - they would stye the room and make it look much darker.

Enlarge your room with mirrors

Mirror - whether in XL or rather small - can also work wonders and make your living room taller than it actually is. As soon as you get a mirror in your living room, the room and daylight are mirrored in it, which ultimately optically enlarges the room. A mirror is therefore an absolute must-have in every small living room.


Modular sofas

What could be better for a small living room than aModular sofa? Thanks to the individual modules, you can adapt your sofa exactly to the conditions in your living room. You are completely flexible in our modular sofas and can order modules, backrests and pillows as desired - exactly as it fits your living room.

Let's take our modular sofa Donna as an example: It consists of four modules that you can arrange as desired.

Do you live alone and two or three modules are enough? No problem! Only buy the modules you need. You can still reorder when your household enlarges and your little sofa reaches its limits.

For example, you can also put together the sofa so that the people sit opposite each other - not brilliant? This compilation is simply perfect for days when you want to pursue various jobs and still want to spend time together.😉

You are also completely flexible as far as the color choice is concerned: if you want, you can even buy any module in a different color. If you don't like a color anymore, you can easily order the covers online in a different color. So you have a lot of scope with our modular sofas - that's why you are the perfect choice for every living room.

Use the height correctly

If you don't have as much space in length and width, you still have the height of your living room - so use it skillfully!

For example, you can set up a large shelf with a lot of storage space or several smaller shelf boards on which you can deposit all sorts of things. High shelves or picture walls make your room appear higher and therefore larger.

Furniture with clever storage space

If you have too little storage space in the living room, you should definitely get furniture with integrated storage rooms. For example, there are great sofas today that have such built -in subjects. With our sofa Marie, for example, you can stow everything in the armrest that you need for a relaxing evening on the sofa. Whether snacks, pillows, the remote control or a good book: everything finds a place in this secret compartment.

Set color accents

Your facility does not always have to be tone. You can also set a statement in your living room with striking color accents, such as red. So you also put small rooms perfectly in scene.

Modular sofa Katrina with a red middle section

The modular sofa Katrina is a real eye -catcher and perfect for small living room. You have so many ways to put together the individual parts. The sofa basically consists of four modules and you can choose which color it should have for each module. The complete sofa in light gray? No problem! Two armchairs in Aquamarin, one in central gray and one in dark blue? No problem either!

But you not only have free choice in the colors, but also in the number of modules. You can easily leave out modules in our shop or order it - because who knows, maybe you have a completely different living room in the future.

The modular sofa Katrina brings a lot of pepp into the living room, don't you find?

Put on horizontal lines

When setting up a small living room, you should not only play with the height of the room, but also ensure clear lines in the horizontal lines. Clear lines help to make the living room look clear and tidy. Pull horizontal lines with shelves, a small sideboard or with a series of pictures. This optically pulls the space into the width and makes it look bigger.

Leave free surfaces

There are many different tips and tricks for a small living room that make it look bigger. But you shouldn't do one thing: complete your room with furniture and accessories. You should not only be reserved in your furniture, but also with the decoration. Overcade the place that is available to you, so do not - instead, rather rely on minimalism and create space to breathe.

Create a center

Let your sofa become the highlight of the living room and arrange your other pieces of furniture almost “around it”. In addition, make sure that the other pieces of furniture next to the sofa do not look too bulky, but form a harmonious interplay. If you place the sofa in the center of the room, and not directly on the wall, the room looks even larger.

Small but Oho

Do you see? Even a small living room can be really nice and inviting with the right furnishings. Take our tips to heart and off you go.

Do you have any other tips that we should definitely add? Then let me know! And if you also have a small living room, send us a photo of it as an inspiration for everyone who does not yet know how to furnish themselves.💫