Livom Cologne

On the ground floor (store unit 19) of the Neumarkt Galerie Cologne we have the sofa Harvey, Donna, Mike & Jessica on display. No appointment is necessary - you can just drop by.

Neumarkt Gallery Cologne
Neumarkt 2-4
50667 - Cologne

The showroom will be temporarily closed from 01.01.2024.


We would like to invite you to discover and experience everything, and look forward to welcoming you, serving you a fresh cup of coffee and, above all, providing you with beautiful design from good Materials to inspire. At your own pace.

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We are always ready to help you, whether you prefer to shop from home or visit us in a showroom.


Buy sofas in Cologne: Discover modular and sustainable furniture in our showroom

The sofa is a special place in many households. It's where people sit together in the evening hours, talk about the day's experiences and make plans for the future. It is therefore all the more important to buy a couch that is both comfortable and offers enough space for the whole family.

To make sure that you really decide on a suitable sofa in the end, Livom cordially invites you to its own showroom in Cologne. Here you can see examples of different sofa landscapes, which you can experience with all your senses. So if you are currently looking for a new sofa in Cologne, we look forward to your visit.

Buy a sofa in Cologne: What awaits you in the Livom showroom

You want to buy a sofa in Cologne? Maybe you already have concrete ideas about how your new sofa should look like, which color fits best into your living space and how big the piece of furniture should be. Or you don't have any concrete ideas yet and would like to be inspired. In both cases you should visit Livom in person.

In the showroom you have the opportunity to convince yourself of the beautiful designs of the sofas in Cologne. You can experience the materials live, touch the covers or simply take a seat on them to try them out. Even if you have already configured a piece of furniture online in our store, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the sofa in the showroom in Cologne. Enjoy a coffee on site and let our staff advise you personally. They will be happy to show you all the sofas in the showroom in Cologne and demonstrate the functions in detail.

Livom tipIf the way to your new sofa in Cologne is too far for you, then simply use the comfortable possibility of the video consultation.

Here you can buy a sustainable couch in Cologne

Is sustainability important to you in your everyday life? Then Livom is the right place for you if you want to buy a sofa for your apartment in Cologne. Both online and on-site in our sofa showroom in Cologne, you can convince yourself of the sustainability with which every single piece of furniture is manufactured by us. Livom does not produce disposable products, but favorite furniture that you should enjoy for a long time.

Your sofa does not have to travel long distances to Cologne. We manufacture each product by hand within Europe. You don't buy mass-produced goods, but unique pieces from sustainable production. We think sustainability holistically, from the selection of materials to the delivery. When Livom makes a sofa for customers from Cologne, the following points are important:

  1. Sustainable materials
    The sofa that will later be in your living room in Cologne is made from sustainable and FSC-certified wood. The fabrics are also certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
  2. Production with solar energy
    A large part of the sofas that are in the showroom in Cologne and are also manufactured for your home are produced with the help of solar energy.
  3. No mass production
    The new sofa is produced for our customers from Cologne and nationwide only on order. This way we avoid overproduction.
  4. Thoughtful delivery
    When we bring your new sofa to Cologne, we do not drive unnecessary distances. A well thought-out route planning not only saves gasoline, but also protects the environment.

By the wayFor every sofa you buy in Cologne or Germany, Livom plants two new trees through the organization OneTreePlanted.

Modular sofas accompany you in every situation in life

You know this for sure: You are planning to move to a new apartment, but unfortunately the new living room in Cologne does not fit the big sofa. In this case, you have little choice but to sell the sofa for little money, give it away or finally take it to the bulky waste. Even if your sofa has a red wine stain or the dear Minka has embellished the couch with scratch marks dubious, then the sofa is finally disposed of after futile rescue attempts.

This is exactly what Livom wants to prevent through the modular design of the sofas and thus set another example in terms of sustainability. You can configure your sofa to fit exactly in color, shape and size. If you have a new addition, if your new living space is smaller or larger, then you simply rearrange the individual elements instead of buying a new sofa. The couch always adapts to your personal living situation - not the other way around. In the event of minor or major accidents, you simply replace the corresponding module or the cover.

Do not exchange your sofa, but only the covers.

Just a few years ago you were excited about the idea of putting a bright yellow sofa in your living room in Cologne? If you've had enough of the color, just order a new cover from Livom instead of a new sofa. All covers are washable and changeable - so you get a "new" sofa for little money. Even if the cover is getting on in years and the traces of time are showing on it, the exchange of covers is the perfect alternative to replacing the sofa.

Come to our showroom in Cologne for a test sitting and enjoy sofas with comfort

Livom has now opened a total of ten showrooms across Germany where you can test-sit your new sofa. How does the color look? How does the fabric feel? Just let your new sofa take effect on you on site in Cologne. You will find our showroom with the sofa exhibition in Cologne on the first floor of the Neumarkt Galerie. We have five different sofas on display for you:

  • Donna
  • Katrina
  • Mike
  • Jessica
  • Jenny

You can simply drop by without an appointment, take a look around and get some advice.

We are looking forward to your visit.