Sofa Trends 2023: These 9 trends you need to know

Sofa Trends 2023: Diese 9 Trends musst Du kennen - Livom

Sofa - an indispensable element in any living room, which not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but also serves as a bridge to numerous other worlds. Therefore, the choice of the right sofa should be made carefully, because it must be not only visually appealing, but also comfortable, functional and durable. Expectations are high, but how do you find the perfect sofa to suit every season and every moment of your life? Learn all about the latest couch styles and trends here.

Comfort and convenience

A couch needs to be one thing above all else: comfortable. But what exactly does that mean? While comfort is subjective, there are some factors to look for when choosing a new sofa.

First things first: The seating comfort

The height of the backrest is crucial for your comfort. A backrest that is too low can quickly lead to back pain. Make sure the backrest is sufficiently soft and padded to ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

The density of the padding also plays an important role. The higher the density, the firmer the sofa. The optimal density depends on the personal preferences, but an average of 35 kg/m3 is recommended. Which sofa is ultimately the most comfortable, you can find out only by trying it out in the storefor example in aLivom showroom. There you have the advantage of being able to try out the furniture directly and test its quality and hardness.


When it comes to sofa trends 2023, the topic of sustainability must not be forgotten. Sustainability can't be missing. More and more people are attaching importance to their furnishings being environmentally friendly and sustainable. This also applies to the sofa. There are now many manufacturers who rely on sustainable materials and produce their sofas in an environmentally friendly way. Second-hand furniture is also in vogue and offers a sustainable alternative to buying new. If you also value sustainability, you should make sure when buying a sofa that it is made of environmentally friendly materials and produced under fair conditions. This way you can not only beautify your home, but also contribute to environmental protection.

Discover the world of sustainable sofas

Trendy materials for sofas

There are countless options when it comes to finding the perfect couch. Whether you choose Cord, Leather, Velvet, Cotton or other materials depends entirely on your personal taste and what atmosphere you want to create in your home.


The absolute trend piece of furniture is the Cord-sofa. It combines the best of several worlds: a fluffy feel, a characteristic volume and shimmering colors that please the eye. Cord is a robust and durable material that is also very easy to care for. Particularly trendy at the moment are sofas in muted colors such as beige, brown or gray. But bright colors like yellow or red are also on the rise. Another advantage of Cord sofas is that they are very comfortable. The soft surface invites you to relax and creates a cozy ambience. So if you are looking for a new sofa, you should definitely take a look at the Cord sofas.

Leather sofas

Leather sofas are not only timeless and elegant, but also very robust and durable. The material is particularly easy to care for and can be used at proper treatment last for many years. In addition, leather sofas offer a comfortable seating experience and adapt to your body shape over time. Whether you prefer a classic or modern design, leather sofas come in many different styles and colors. So if you're looking for a sofa that's not only timeless and comfortable, but will also last and look great, you should definitely consider a leather sofa.

Velvet sofas

Trendsetters take note! Velvet is a material that has been on the rise in recent in the world of sofas in recent years. has emerged. This luxurious material is soft, shiny and has a distinctive texture that makes it a perfect choice for all types of sofas. Although velvet was often associated with an old-fashioned look in the past, it has made a comeback in recent years and can now be found in many modern designs. Velvet sofas are especially great for living rooms that want to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. It is a timeless material that will add a luxurious touch to your living room and will stay with you for years.


Bouclé sofas

Bouclé is a material that stands out for its irregular structure and soft feel. It gives any sofa a cozy and inviting look, while also being particularly durable and long-lasting. This makes sofas made of bouclé a perfect choice for families with children or pets. But bouclé sofas are also a great option for singles or couples who like stylish and modern furnishings. With their timeless elegance and high comfort factor, they are a real eye-catcher in any living room. Here is an example with our Ava sofa in Nordic boucle:

Trendy sofa shapes

The XXL sofa

Nowadays, people focus on wide seats, backrests all around and plenty of space to relax. There is only one model that comes into question: The XXL sofa.
Whether classic, modern or in the trendy Skandi look - there is a suitable XXL sofa for every taste. Especially practical: Many models are equipped with a sleep function and thus also offer overnight guests a cozy sleeping opportunity. An XXL sofa fits perfectly in large living spaces and can be found in some stores put together yourself so that the space can be used optimally. So XXL sofa is not only a real statement piece in your living room, but also a practical and comfortable solution for everyday life.

Sofas with curved shape

Straight backs and rigid armrests are a thing of the past. Modern sofas have curves and bend and curve to the will of designers. They fit perfectly into a modern interior and are almost abstract decorative pieces. These curved sofas are a real eye-catcher and add that certain something to any room.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are the revolutionary evolution of corner sofas and perfectly adapt to the changes in the life of the occupants. This means that you can expand or shrink your sofa at any time, depending on how your living needs change. Another advantage of modular sofas is that you can choose them in different colors and fabrics to make them perfectly match Your personal living style style of living. For 2023, modular sofas are expected to become even more popular, as they are perfect for creating open-plan living areas and offer a flexible solution for those who move frequently or like to change their decor.