Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function
Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function
Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function
Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function

Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function

From May 1, the substance type Cotton will no longer be available. Until then, the last stocks will be sold.
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Modular sofa Katrina with sleep function
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Washable & changeable covers

No more worrying about stains, because you can wash or replace the sofa cover at any time.

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You can try out your new Livom sofa at home for 30 days to convince yourself of the quality at your leisure.

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Adapts to your life

The sofa is modular. You can arrange all the parts as you like, rearrange them and build yourself a completely new feel-good landscape. Whether you're moving or remodeling, your sofa sets no limits!

Holds together bombproof

The individual sofa elements don't slip a bit thanks to a super sturdy Velcro strip. The Velcro strips are attached with a flick of the wrist between the seat cushion and the element of the sofa and stay there until you want to move your sofa.

No more fear of stains

Simply remove the cover of the respective element and put it in the washing machine. Done, the cover looks like new! If necessary, you can also order new covers in other colors or fabrics.

The inner workings of Katrina

  1. Solid beech wood
  2. 12cm hard foam
  3. Silicone cover for optimal stretch
  4. Inner protective fabric
  5. Fabric cover

Der Livom Unterschied

Billig-Möbelhäuser, die weder dir noch der Umwelt etwas Gutes tun, gibt es unserer Meinung nach schon viel zu viele. Mit Livom möchten wir den Möbelmarkt aufmischen und nachhaltige und fair produzierte Möbel anbieten, die ein Leben lang Freude bereiten.

Hinterlasse mit Livom einen kleineren Fussabdruck auf dieser Welt.


  • Sustainably & fairly produced
  • Handmade in Europe
  • 2 trees for each order
  • Modular expandable
  • Washable & changeable covers
  • Free delivery & assembly
  • 30 days risk-free test sitting


  • Not sustainably produced
  • Manufactured in China or similar
  • No CO2 offset
  • Unchangeable shape
  • Fixed sewn covers
  • Surcharge for assembly & delivery
  • 14 days free trial seating

Ein Sofa, wie kein anderes.

Unsere Sofas und Stühle wurden international mehrfach für herausragende Innovation und einzigartiges Design ausgezeichnet.
Ein Sofa, wie kein anderes.
Unsere Sofas und Stühle wurden international mehrfach für herausragende Innovation und einzigartiges Design ausgezeichnet.


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3. Wir liefern deine Bestellung
Wir liefern dir deine Bestellung pünktlich bis ins Wohnzimmer. Anschließend montieren wir es für dich. Auf Wunsch nehmen wir auch dein altes Sofa mit.
4. Wir pflanzen zwei Bäume
Jetzt kannst du dich auf deinem neuen Sofa entspannen und wir pflanzen in der Zeit wie versprochen zwei Bäume für deine Bestellung.

Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Edit Bakonyi

Super comfortable, color soothing... a boon to relax !
Many ❤️Thank you

Anke Quick
Very nice and comfortable

We have had the Katrina sofa for just over 2 weeks. We like it very much and it is very comfortable. The individual elements also hold together perfectly thanks to Velcro. It shifts in the mm range. Would recommend it again at any time

Sofa Katrina

Fancy sofa that offers many possibilities, especially for our not so simple floor plan.
For people like us who shy away from furniture stores and sales consultants, it was perfect to look at the sofa in a showroom, completely without any pressure to order.
The workmanship makes a quality impression and we hope to enjoy it for a long time. The whole ordering process. Processing to delivery and assembly were top.
The only criticism: we have struggled with the colors very hard. The many gray / beige and brown tones we found partly unconvincing and somewhat dreary. The combination with green, blue and neutral beige we like now but wonderful.
Keep up the good work!

Love Natalie
Thank you very much for the great feedback ☺
We are happy that you like your Katrina so much.
Love, Alice from Livom

Daniele Vetrone
Divano super

Divano veramente incredibile e si adatta a qualsiasi spazio,molto comodo ,lo ricomprei un'altra volta.

Top sofa

Are very happy with the new sofa. Fits perfectly in our apartment.

Mario Tieff
Tested for one year

I was asked to review as early as February 2022, but that was too short for me two months after purchase for a serious review. Now 12 months have passed and we are still very enthusiastic about the set. Both seating and reclining comfort are very good, the design of the elements allows for a large number of sofa variations up to a guest bed - see picture. We have chosen after a good hour of trying around in the showroom four different shades with a gray-brown combination, just perfect. Also for cats (hair) there is a recommendation, although of course every fabric when used as a scratching post eventually comes to its limits. So gives final deserved five stars.

Dear Mario
Thank you very much for the great and detailed review We are happy to hear that you still like your Katrina so much after one year.

Dagmar Thorand
Favorite sofa

I am mega satisfied! Delivery and assembly worked great, the service via email is timely and friendly and the sofa really keeps everything that was promised. Makes me want more from you!

Top sofa

We are overjoyed with our new sofa Katrina. 2 years we were looking for a new sofa until I stumbled by chance on livom. Simply top quality. We have chosen the Velare fabric. This looks very robust and the colors (anthrazi, yellow, gray) are simply the hammer. Also that the fabric cover is to wash and change, is for me as a mother a clear plus point.

Ferdinand Reisinger
there is not much to say,

from the order to the delivery and assembly, perfect! the optics? we are happy every day when we see the cool thing and sit on it! hammer! but no 5 stars, but only 10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️besser it does not go

Dear Ferdinand
Thank you very much for the great feedback. We are very happy that you like Katrina as much as we do.
Love from Livom, Alice

Very nice and comfortable sofa

The sofa is beautiful and the fabric is very comfortable. We had a little trouble attaching the velcro but otherwise we are super happy with our sofa!

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